stand out

& Show Off What You Built

Construction companies, architects, interior designers, and business owners need exterior and interior photographs of their builds that stand out and make a statement: "We did this."

Large building projects have thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars invested in the making of their structures. And these projects deserve high-end photographs. Our style is bright and dramatic, with clean lines that draw the eye toward what's being photographed, and not the photograph itself.

Commercial and architectural photography can be used on websites, billboards, social media, portfolio showcases, editorials, magazines, and other advertisements and marketing ventures.

Whether you need a single photo or an entire portfolio, we can help you create the perfect images to help you stand out from the competition. 

Complex Photo Editing

Fast-Forward Visually

If requested, we go further with our photo editing, beyond the standard edits. Sometimes the timing for photo shoots isn't perfect, and we have to start photographing while projects are wrapping up construction in certain areas, or the building is so new that the ground is mud and the grass hasn't grown yet. Maybe one day that stick in front of the building will be a beautiful tree - but today is not that day. Click through the arrows below for some before and after examples.

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Landscape natural areas

If the sod hasn't been planted, or the mulch hasn't been spread, don't worry. As veteran graphic designers, for over 20 years we have perfected the art of making natural areas look... natural. We simply take what's there and fast-forward the visuals digitally.

  • Plant grass
  • Spread mulch
  • Add leaves to trees
  • Add shrubbery, flowering plants

Construction clean-up

Timing is everything with construction. With looming deadlines, sometimes you don't have a chance to clean up construction messes before your scheduled photo shoot. And that's ok. We take those things in stride and are happy to:

  • Clean up curbs & sidewalks
  • Remove construction dumpsters
  • Edit out equipment, workers
  • Clean parking lot, add lines

Remove distractions

We do everything we can to omit distractions on the day of the shoot. We do everything within our control to shoot around vehicles, people, and power lines, but sometimes distractions just get in the way of the perfect shot. We're well-versed in:

  • Editing out vehicles & people
  • Removing power poles & lines
  • Omitting window ads
  • Cleaning up any distractions


What's it going to cost?

I quote commercial and architectural photo shoots on a case-by-case basis. The quote depends on the square footage of the space, the number of interior/exterior shots, how the photos will be used, the location, if any complex editing is required, and whether a rush turnaround time is needed.

Our clients on average invest $500-$1500, which spans a wide range, but sometimes it's less, and sometimes it's more.

I want to hire you. What now?


1. We'll come to an agreement on price, and the type of photos and the number of photos you want (e.g. a shot list).

2. I will send a contract for you to review, sign, and date along with the non-refundable deposit.

3. We'll work with the designated point person (project manager, property owner, etc) to schedule the best time for the shoot.

4. We arrive at the property at the designated time and we get to work. We shoot independently, so if we're shooting the interior, you'll need to make sure we have access to the building.

5. Within 5-10 days, photos are edited and uploaded to an online gallery where you can download, print, and share full-resolution and web-sized images.

What's the best time for photos?

I usually like to schedule exterior photo shoots about an hour before sunset, or an hour before sunrise. Interior photos can be taken at anytime during daylight hours.

What is your service area?

We're based near Winston-Salem, NC and our immediate service area is a 20 mile radius. However, we love to travel, and will go anywhere for a photo job! Travel costs depend on the location, but we typically charge by the mile and for any expenses (gas, food, lodging).

How do you set up exterior shots?

We have a few different ways to capture the best angles on a building - and the set ups we use depend on the size, scope, and geographical position of the building itself. Drone shots aren't always the best way to go, and we try to offer a variety of angles for a variety of applications using:

-Tripod on the ground
-Tripod on a truck
-Tripod on a ladder
-Aerial pole on a ladder

Who owns the rights to my photos?

Sara Muncy Photography maintains the copyright to all photographs. Your fees include a limited commercial license, but it may not be shared with other companies or individuals.

For example, you're the architect who designed the "New Business Park", and you hire me to take photographs. Those photos are for your limited commercial use. If the individual businesses would like to use the photos also, they must purchase their own limited commercial use license.

What's the turn around time?

You will receive your final edited photos within 5-10 business days. Rush requests are accepted on a case-by-case basis for an additional $150 and you will receive your photos within 24-48 hours.

How long will the shoot take?

This depends on a number of factors, but an average shoot that includes exterior and interior setups will take 2-4 hours.

Let's Work Together

Ready for the next step? I'd love to work with you. Shoot me a message, and I'll be back with you within 24 hours.