Hi. I'm Sara.

For 30+ years, I've had a camera in my hand. I started photography as a hobby, earning a Girl Scout badge while toying with street photography and developing a roll of film in a dark room. From there, it grew into a side-gig, and then a career.

Aside from photography, I'm an aficionado of old things and a collector of experiences and vintage toys from the 80s.

I'm also a drinker of coffee, lover of cheese, an Auntie, and married to my best friend and business partner. I work full-time as a photographer, writer, and project manager alongside my husband, Cliff. We work together on most projects, under our main business, MuncyWeb Design & Unique Marketing. We love spending time together, and it's a good thing! Because most of our days are spent together, living and laughing.



Let's Work Together

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