Mini sessions at Robertson family farm in King, NC

When Robertson Family Farm in King, NC posted about their annual Strawberry Mother's Day event, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! I reached out to April, who is one of the farm owners, and sent her samples of my work and how it looks with the '73 Travelall setup, and she was so sweet and welcomed me to come and offer mini photo sessions for the folks who came out to the event.

We set up right next to the strawberry field and met some lovely people. It's been a dicey season for strawberries, with unseasonably cold spring temperatures, so the pick-your-own field had to close after a while, but I still worked for several awesome families who wanted professional photos to document their day. Everyone dressed in their best springtime garb, strawberry print dresses, and cute sandals.

Truthfully, it's tough to be a photographer when everyone has a phone in their pocket and would rather take their own photos, and so I'm grateful to everyone who took a few minutes to let me work with them to create some beautiful, timeless images.

Memories in the Making

My nieces and nephews visited us recently, and I have a massive bin of photos from my and my sisters' childhoods. Old pictures of relatives, events, and moments in time that would have been forgotten if not memorialized on film. And it was so cool to go through those photos and show them photos of their mom and grandmother as young women and babies. A photo of me when I was 6 years old being held by Dad with the World Trade Center in the background.

There's something so special about passing along those memories from generation to generation.

I hope these families will be able to do the same with the photos that they have from last Saturday, and their babies will show their babies that time their Mom took them to the strawberry field and they cried their heads off, shared a sweet moment with a sibling, or stained their dress with a freshly picked strawberry.

It's hard to not feel romantic about photography.

Say hello.

Let's work together

Would you like to have me at your next event with the Travelall? Or maybe schedule a photo session with your family or employees? I'd love to work with you. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you!