Capture the Moment: Professional Photography Highlights from Lewisville Family Counseling's Ribbon Cutting

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being the photographer for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new location of Lewisville Family Counseling in Lewisville, NC. It was an event to remember! From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with smiles and excitement buzzing in the air. As the ceremony began, I made sure to capture every important moment – from the ceremonial ribbon being cut to the heartfelt speeches that followed. Group pictures? You bet! I took snapshots of the team and their guests, capturing the essence of their joy and pride in this milestone moment.

The party atmosphere inside was awesome, complete with delicious food, stunning decor, and plenty of laughter. Whether it was candid shots of people mingling or posed portraits, I loved documenting the fun and camaraderie shared among colleagues and clients alike. Every moment was beautifully preserved, but I also allowed the team at Lewisville Family Counseling to focus on enjoying the celebration without worrying about taking photos themselves.

If you're planning a ribbon cutting or special event, investing in a professional photographer is a decision you won't regret!